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Thinking about colocation?

Think no more!

At Colohub we are on a mission to build and maintain customer loyalties every step of the way. Our state of the art facility provides customizable solutions to fit your needs.

Why are the world’s largest data and technology companies

choosing Iowa for their facilities? Why did we? Several reasons:

Iowa’s electrical power rates are 30%-40% less expensive than larger cities, thus virtually taking expense out of the decision making process without compromising the benefits of top tier facilities.

Geneseo Communications, Inc., Colohub’s parent company, own and operate high speed ringed fiber optic cables that connect Bettendorf to Chicago and Omaha. This is ideal for backup or redundant services and easily allows other providers to bring their services to ColoHub.

Iowa is a safe zone – Protected from hurricanes, earthquakes, rolling blackouts and possible terrorist threats.

Flexible billing, power, and space options to fit your business needs