Frequently Asked Questions

Know all about our data center

  • How can I schedule a tour of the facility?

    Contact us with your tour request, please include the names of all participants,date and time. All participants must present valid id to enter.

  • What does your power infrastructure look like?

    We recieve 480volt 3phase power from our utility provider. From there power is passed through our A/B switch gear and passed onto the UPS. Clean 480volt power from the ups is then passed to the PDU units on the data center floor. The PDU units can deliver single phase 120volt and 208volt as well as 208volt 3 phase power to the rack level. Our power density can go up to 17.2KW per rack.

  • How does your facility handle access and security?

    Customer access is only provided to individuals who complete a successful back ground check. Guest access requires a security escort at all times. Colohub utilizes advanced security monitoring systems as well as armed guards.

  • What does your network infrastructure look like?

    Colohub utilizes enterprise grade brocade and cisco firewalls, routers and switches to optimize network performance. Colohub owns and operates their own fiber optic network that connects Colohub directly to 600 S Federal in Chicago and Omaha with failovers built in.

  • What is carrier neutrality?

    Carrier neutrality is when the colocation or data center will provide a cross connect to any carrier in the building with no preference or influence on the provider. Carrier neutral facilities actively seek new providers to join the facility. Colohub is a carrier neutral facility.

  • What is colocation?

    Colocation is the service of providing bandwidth,cooling,power and security to customers equipment stored within the facility. Colocation comes in many different configurations from unmanged all the way to fully managed.

  • How flexible is your infrastructure?

    Our facility and resources allows us to easiliy scale power, cooling, space and bandwidth without causing service interuption.

  • How does your facility handle cooling?

    We use multiple chilled water coolers in a n+1 configuration to provide cold water to the CRAH units on the data center floor. These CRAH units supply cool air to the equipment. We currently have 960tons of cooling deployed.

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